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Butt-kickin’ chippie dressed all in purple. Mask. Cape. Alla that.

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The Georgia team was invited out to the first annual Motorcycle Autism Charity Ride in Fayetteville. Flash, Batgirl, Batman, and Black Widow came out to meet with the kids and cheer on the riders as they pulled in to the event! It was fun, games, and live stage shows benefiting a great cause!

Special thanks to Grace and Scott Moss of Bodhi Tree Photography for supporting the heroes!

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The most important video of our time. 

i can’t believe it’s on my dash 

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i like this story because a cop was shot but nobody will get in trouble for shooting the cop and some children got to calmly play with a dog

fucking hilarious

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This is a Doctor Who book I designed that allows you to exchange different Doctors’ outfits with others’ heads.

Designed by Vicki Heda.

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boys get really hot and bothered when sexting and im probably laughing during it and eating macaroni 

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Brilliant Irish Sherlock parody. Can’t stop laughing at their take on Moriarty.

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Gay bar scene

Sherlock….. what are you even

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Walking to school → From Up on Poppy Hill
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